Breeding of layers

After purchasing chicken, the right arrangement for the environment, as well as provision of heat, lighting, food and watering are very important.

Sale of layers

Our offer includes “Dominant” chicken in 20 different shades with a high survival rate and consistently high egg productivity.

About us

As a result of successful co-operation, we now offer in Latvia the purchase of “Dominant” pullets of hatcheries from Czech breeders.

FebruaryChicks born on 14.02 are available

Hatching eggs are available


Old and tested chicken breed "Dominant"

Advantages of the breed

  • High liveability
  • Calm temperament
  • Disease resistance
  • Suitable for living in free conditions
  • The gender of chicken may be easily detected by color.
  • Suitable for household as well as for larger breeders


  • Dominant CZ geneticists have many years of experience in traditional selection methods using internationally recognised principals. Collaboration with universities, educational facilities and veterinary institutions in many countries around the world has seen selection improved by modern scientific methods and biological processes.
    Dominant CZ exports to more than 50 countries in Africa, Asia, America, Europe and Russia.
    Our business strategy is for close co-operation with representatives in all countries, this creates invaluable information for continued genetic selection based on practical research from ongoing production data around the world.

    RN Dr. Milan Tyller
    Geneticist and owner of DOMINANT
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