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In 2018 year there was an agreement concluded with an internationally recognized pullet selection company Dominant CZ from Czech Republic managed by worldwide well known leading breeder "Dominant" breed Milan Tyller. Thanks to that now we can offer to purchase unique Dominant breed layers here in Latvia. Dominant CZ - a well-known and successful private company from the Czech Republic. Since 1989 it has been implementing a unique, self-developed program for the selection of Dominant layers, offering a wide range of hybrid hens. Breeding is based on developed poultry with higher body weight, which gives poultry greater adaptability to various maintenance conditions, even in extreme environment. Collaboration with universities, educational institutions and veterinary institutions has helped to improve the selection process through scientific methods and biological processes. As a result, there have been chickens created that are able to adapt perfectly anywhere in the world, providing good health of chicken and high productivity. The company exports poultry to more than 50 countries around the world, working closely with local businesses.

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