Tips for chicken breeding

After purchasing chicken, it is very important to provide them with appropriate conditions. It is important to choose the appropriate heat source and lighting mode, to ensure free access to drinking water and sufficient amount of feed, to comply with the restrictions on the density of placement. Based on years of experience, we have collected a number of recommendations and tips.


Birds should be kept in a heat box or brooder as in the first 15 days of life the chickens themselves are unable to regulate and maintain their body temperature. Brooder is a separate room, more often a box with bedding, a feeder, a water bowl and a heat source. It is recommended to use heat panels as a heat source in the brooder, but you can also choose ceramic light bulbs.
More about differences of heat sources


Chicken should be provided with a lighting regime in accordance with the 24-hour cycle and at least six hours of darkness. Continuous bright light creates stress in chickens and can cause cannibalism.
The need for light depending on age


Birds must be provided with free access to drinking water around the clock, at any age and without any restrictions. Drinking equipment must be installed and maintained to avoid water contamination and spillage.
Drinking systems


Free access to the feed and sufficient amount of feed must be provided, according to the selected system of the feed system.
Access and Feed Consumption Standards


As chickens grow, they need more and more free space.
Density depending on chick age