Dominant RED BARRED GS 459

Breeding period up to week 18

Discard until week 18   3-5%
Weight of pullet in week 18   1.4-1.5 kg
Feed consumption until week 18   6.0-6.3 kg

Egg laying period until week 20-78

Discard until week 78   4-7%
Commencement of egg laying in week 25   50%
Top of the laying performance in week 29-30   88%
Average number of eggs during the egg laying period   240 pcs
Average weight of the egg   58 gr
Feed consumption per day   122 gr.
Weight of pullet in week 78   2.10 kg
Color of the egg shell   green
Temperament   calm

* these birds 50-75% are only birds with crests, like in the picture of catalogue.
* these birds 75-85% lay green shell eggs.