Layer breed Dominant has been created by company “Dominant” in the Czech Republic. This breed is mainly developed of lines of Leghorn, Rhode Island, Plymouth Rock and Sussex hen breeds. Birds are now available in 20 different shades and have light brown, cream color and, in recent years, a green-blue egg shell. The hens produce 304-309 eggs per year, with an average weight of 62-75 g.

Dominant birds are distinguished by their high viability, calm temperament, and resistance to diseases and are suitable to be kept in free conditions. A big advantage is that chicks can be easily distinguished by gender: cocks are lighter, pullets are darker in color. This breed is perfectly suitable for both household and large breeders.

How to order?

Order without volume limit must be placed within two months prior to the desired delivery time by completing the order form or by phone: +37128617969
The order must include the name and code of the selected bird species from the catalogue, desired age and quantity.